Presentations of the Conference Participants



(Further) Videos of Conference Presentations will be posted after
the International Conference

Female Visions:
The Religious Visual Culture of Contemporary Female Islamic Mysticism’,

16-18 October 2020





Presentations and Q&A

Christian Ströbele:

Conference introduction

Sara Kuehn:

Opening remarks

Dionigi Albera and Meliha Teparić:

Artwork Presentation. Video and Sound Installations

Amila Buturović:

Stillness in the Eye of the Storm: Mira Burke and the Performance of Spiritual Ecstasy

Michel Boivin:

Gender and Sufism: Hindu Sindhi Women and the Transmission of the Sufi Legacy in India

Mark Soileau:

Reflections from the Visual World of Zöhre Ana


with Amila Buturović, Michel Boivin and Mark Soileau

Pnina Werbner:

Colours and Visions: A Hybrid of Sufi Mysticism and Science

Gianfranco Bria:

Ziyāra and Feminine Harīm in Post-Socialist Albania: Dervishe Hatixhe’s Grave in Tirana


with Pnina Werbner and Gianfranco Bria

Yunus Hentschel:

The Female Caliphate: The Qur’ān, Female Voices and Gender Dynamics


with Yunus Hentschel

Joseph Hill:

Wrapping Body, Voice, and Self: Female Chanters in the Fayḍa Tijāniyya Sufi Community in Senegal

Feyza Burak-Adli:

The Visionary Female Guarding of Turkish Cultural Heritage: The Turkish Rifai Shaykha Samiha Ayverdi


with Joseph Hill and Feyza Burak-Adli

Sara Kuehn:

‘A Real-Life Jātaka Tale’: Seeking Inspiration from the Life of Pīrzade-Shahīda Noor-un-Nisa Inayat Khan

Meliha Teparić, Rosana Ratkovčić:

The Visual Culture of Sufi Mysticism in the Works of Female Artists


with Sara Kuehn, Meliha Teparić, Rosana Ratkovčić

Dilek Güldütuna:

Womanhood as a Metaphysical Concept

Britta Frede:

Female Sufi Scholars in Mauritania: Visions of Pious Women

Silvia Bruzzi:

Holy Women in the Early Twentieth-Century Red Sea Region: Spatial Spheres, Travelling Images


with Britta Frede and Silvia Bruzzi

Aliya Iqbal, Hasan Ali Khan:

A Matriarch Amongst Patriarchs: Female Leadership in a Non-Reformed Sufi Order in Contemporary Pakistan

Rafique Wassan:

Progressive-Pluralist Sufi Heritage, New Mediatization and Female Artists in Sindh, Pakistan


with Aliya Iqbal, Hasan Ali Kha and Rafique Wassan

Pnina Werbner, Christian Ströbele, Erdal Toprakyaran:

Closing remarks

Presentation abstracts

Silvia Bruzzi

Presentation abstract

Britta Frede

Britta Frede: Presentation abstract

Sara Kuehn

Sara Kuehn: Presentation abstract

Rafique Wassan

Rafique Wassan: Presentation abstract

Feyza Burak-Adli

Feyza Burak-Adli: Presentation abstract

Dilek Güldütuna

Dilek Güldütuna: Presentation abstract

Annika Schmeding

Annika Schmeding: Presentation abstract

Pnina Werbner

Pnina Werbner: Presentation abstract

Amila Buturovic

Amila Buturovic: Presentation abstract

Hasan Ali Khan, Aliya Iqbal Naqvi

Hasan Ali Khan, Aliya Iqbal Naqvi: Presentation abstract

Meliha Teparić, Rosana Ratkovčić

Meliha Teparić and Rosana Ratkovčić: Presentation abstract