19.07.2019, 18:00 Uhr – 21.07.2019, 20:00 Uhr, Stuttgart-Hohenheim
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"Stolen Churches" or "Bridges to Orthodoxy"?

Impulses for Theological Dialogue Between Orthodox and Eastern Catholic Churches
The intention behind this conference is to encourage and promote much needed theological engagement with regard to the furtherance of dialogue between Orthodox and Eastern Catholic Churches. During their history these Churches have endured a very complex and at times tense relationship with one another (and this not just theologically but also politically, e. g. the example of the Ukrainian context). We would seek to gather together official representatives of both Christian traditions, as well as theologians and politicians from the differing contexts where the tensions are greatest to see if we can help move dialogue and so relations forward in this area.

Die alten Wunden sollen heilen

Unierte und Orthodoxe Kirchenvertreter und Theologen haben sich erstmals zu einer internationalen Tagung in Hohenheim getroffen – die Fortsetzung ist in der Ukraine geplant.


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